About createBar

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About createBar

createBar is for creators from creators.

We speak about how to create, where to promote, which tools to use and what others have created. By doing so, we want to provide input, ideas or recommendations to other creative people. The ultimate goal is a contribution to the creative community through the sharing of information, curation or tips & tricks.

One special focus is digital art and the NFT space. The overall scope of the content is influenced by many topics like art, technology or social change. On a pragmatic level, it is planned to have reviews on tools and platforms, which are or might be relevant for creators in the digital space. On a curative level we want to show the work of artists and coders, to document what is being created these days. A spotlight feature will introduce interesting persons of the creative space. All reviews will be influenced of course by the individual opinion of the author, so the content of createBar is not free of subjective perspective.

createBar was born out of the observation, that there is higher demand for information about the NFT space than websites providing first-hand information about it. Of course, there are a lot of traditional news sites speaking about NFTs as a trend, but in most cases you read the same stories on a very high level all over the place. About rockstars like Beeple, about record numbers, the NBA and that blockchain is bad for the climate. But only in rare cases you find some insights or recommendations of people who are using platforms like Hic Et Nunc for example. createBar wants to be a content supplier from creators for creators. The content will not be limited to NFT, but NFTs are a good example of topics we want to speak about.

The future of createBar is undefined by now. It’s an experiment, we will pivot for sure and the project needs to proof its own concept. So let’s see what creation createBar will become. Your input is always appreciated!


Any support is highly appreciated as well, because this service is connected to costs and efforts. We would love to put more attention on this project to support the creator community and to promote interesting individuals, artworks and tools.

If you would like to support us, then please feel free to collect one of our tezos NFTs (createbar supporter tokens) which you can find on objkt.com or teia.art.

You could alternatively send donations to createbar.tez (tz1PgrfRyQKDKbcmqbbxgaFmdckducxFn8vJ).

And of course, following us on twitter, retweets or any hands-on collab will help, too.

Thanks a lot 🙂

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