The Author

My name is Sebastian Benderoth, in the art space I use the nickname Teriell. I am running this blog and writing most of the articles on

In the 90’s I started my first blogs on the topics arts, media and tech. This blog is a continuation of my early blog projects. During the last decade(s) I was involved in many projects in tech, media and art, so that some learning will be added for this project.

My professional background is connected to software projects. I am working as IT Consultant and Tech Freelancer (usually as Product Owner / Product Manager in client projects) and my academic degree was done in (applied) Computer Science (with focus on Media Sciences).

As self-taught painter and digital creative I am interested in any kind of arts. I am very interested in the development of the NFT space, because I think this is a good upgrade for art as such. If you want to have a look at my digital paintings or current works, then you can find relevant links via Some of my artworks can be found via

I would describe myself as a generalist, who is not a 200% expert in one specific discipline, but good in overlooking many fields in combination. That's a result of my interest in the in-between of disciplines.

I belief that art is always inherently connected to personal or social change (as trigger or symptom) and I think that technology can be utilized to solve problems, but also to implement new barriers; technology is good and bad at the same time, because it’s invented and utilized by people. Art helps to create a multidimensional view on human reality - it enriches the potential self-reflection skills of society. That's why the space between art and technology is especially interesting to me. Social progress, evolution and change are fascinating topics to me. I am convinced that many of the needed changes are initially triggered by creators, not by regulatory sub-systems of our societies. Art, technology and change will be the areas in which the content of this blog are contextually embedded. The main audience are creators and everyone who is interested in building, creation, arts, tech and change.

As a guy from Germany, my English skills are limited – I hope you can excuse this.

If you want to connect with me, you can easily get in touch via Twitter or drop me an e-mail (info (at) I hope you like this project and find value in the content. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback or ideas with me, so that I can improve this service.

Thanks for your interest 🙂