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With typed.art a new Tezos cleanNFT platform was launched.

For NFT platforms on the Tezos blockchain you would not always expect the shiny, glossy and polished User Interfaces. Instead you perhaps would expect a bit of punk attitude, minimalism, b/w color scheme and not much help for the user to not interrupt the rabbithole experience.

typed.art is fulfilling all of these expectations at a glance.

With typed you can mint text as clean NFT!

Reduction and limitation forces the creative mind to pump. Typed.art is a provocation in that sense. There is nothing much besides the ability to scroll through the already minted text or to mint an own text NFT. And that’s why it’s very interesting to see, what people are going to do with text only.

typed.art latest mints on the startscreen

Would you use the limitation (to the medium text) to write a haiku, would you leave a message to the world or would you use text as a formal way to fill a canvas like in ASCII arts?

It will be interesting to see, which ideas will be generated by the users.

A reductionary neoBohème (No.005) by Teriell

Check it out on: typed.art

Note: The featured post image on top is a screenshot of a text NFT by philipbell