New Kids On The Blocks (1)

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New Kids On The Blocks (1)

Sometimes it’s hard to stay up-to-date regarding the newest projects and platforms on Tezos. Today we are going to teaser three of the new kids on the blocks for you.

ArtForge (beta)

ArtForge is on a mission to empower NFT Creativity on Tezos.

The landing page of ArtForge makes a good impression and besides the tezonian color-scheme you might think that you landed somewhere on ETH. But according to the Privac Policy Artforge seems to be a project by Pixel Global, Ltd. which some of you might know through projects like PRJKTNEON FILES or PixelPotus.

Here is a quote found on ArtForge …

ArtForge is the first of its kind all-in-one NFT platform offering artists and collectors a full set of services to create and mint NFT collections including generative features, crowdsale management and a robust marketplace.

After a first sync and without any in-depth analysis of what ArtForge is capable of, my impression is, that the ambition is right, but the feature-set is still a bit lacking behind. But that is an impression after the first click-through. There is no intention to make any unfair reviews here, and because of that is should be highlighted that there is a big fat ‘BETA’ on top. So – ArtForge might be a page which we should keep on the radar, because it could adds something shiny to the Tezos ecosystem which is more familiar to those who are coming from Ethereum or Solana.


TezTown is a community for creators, collectors, builders, and anyone interested in learning about the Tezos blockchain. In addition, we provide educational content and curriculum for creators, collectors, and some aspects of the tech side and baking are coming soon. We also host events to help members connect with other community members throughout the Tezos ecosystem.

quote via

The founder behind teztown is Lily White, artist and collector on Tezos.

The mission of teztown is to provide education, encouragement, and engagement for creators, collectors, builders, and anyone interested in learning about the Tezos blockchain. Which exactly is a good mission – kudos to teztown!

Make sure to check their event page and show some support as well 🙂


Last but not least (for today) we want to speak about

This project is about a virtual world on Tezos. You can instantly explore the virtual land with your browser and inform yourself on their discord about how to some for yourself. What you will find on tz1and is in an early stage, but there are some interesting ideas in place. So – keep it on the radar as well.