Spotlight: The Polygonist

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Spotlight: The Polygonist

The spotlight series will shed a light on interesting artists, brave builders, creative coders or other creative minds. Today we want to introduce The Polygonist. He is working and living in Germany.

An early adopter of digital tech with everlasting subjects

The work of the Polygonist is mainly digital and often created in 3D. In the 90’s, when 3D became affordable or feasible for digital creators, many creators started to aim for the next level of photo-realism. They spearheaded the cinematographic change towards the heavy use of CGI and the 3D competition in the computer-game industry. In that time the Polygonist chooses his artists name as an agenda. His work was not about the perfection in visual imitation of real-life objects and scenes, he was driven by reduction and finding a new formal language in 3D. So he worked with the medium and explored new ways of deconstruction, reduction, abstraction and experimentation in 3D.

His topics are often linked to traditional subjects. He works on series which are embedded into everlasting questions of human existence, like love, war, power, death and cultural references like Dante’s Inferno / The Divine Comedy.

‘Die Einnahme’ (c) by the Polygonist, 2003 / The historical reference is from Delacroix ‘Die Einnahme von Konstantinopel durch die Kreuzritter’

The Alchemist

The Polygonist compares his working process with the process of the alchemists. He is working on concepts and projects, which often results in larger series like the ‘Ecce Homo – Man in the box’ series. This series revolves around the human cultural history and in consequence asks questions about the human existence.

From the series ‘Ecce Homo – Man in the box’, [c) by the Polygonist

The Polygonist found his way into the NFT space and is offering some of his works on hicetcnunc and opensea. Via Twitter he is promoting new works and shares information about his series.


You can follow him on Twitter via https://twitter.com/Polygonist or check out his website on https://www.enterthepolygons.com. More links can be found on https://linktr.ee/The_Polygonist