Skulls vs. Cubes

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Skulls vs. Cubes

Besides avatars, kitties and retro-pixelated graphics, skulls as cubes are trending subjects in the art & NFT space. Let’s have a quick look …

Check out HEN skulls …


Check out HEN cubes …


Who wins the battle? Skull or Cube?

A quick research via Google Trends shows how close the race between skull and cube really is. Overall cubes are more trending (even though skulls were trying to take over between 2013-2015) …

A case not closed

But, what explains the trend of cubes and skulls? What is the deeper meaning here? Perhaps the skull is the everlasting symbol of the biological transience of man, perhaps the cube is a metaphor for the dawn of the machine age and its cold, mathematical perfection.

Perhaps not … We cannot solve the puzzle today.

Nevertheless, it’s absolutely fascinating how many skulls and cubes artworks are out there. It seems to be evident that skulls and cubes are always good for a mint.

The final question is:

Are you more the skull or the cube guy?