Galleries on Galleseum

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Galleries on Galleseum

Via Galleseum it’s possible to connect with your Ethereum and Tezos wallet to access your tokens (~ NFT) and make them accessible in the way you want it. You easily set up galleries and collections to present your created or collected artworks. That’s why Galleseum is not only interesting for artists, but also for collectors.

Galleseum in a nutshell

The maker of Galleseum @timongty said:

[…] in a nutshell, I would be aiming to be a blockchain-agnostic gallery for NFTs, and will be focusing on how to help collectors with finding NFTs/artists they like, and helping artists with discoverability that doesn’t require too much shilling

Here are some of the current highlights of Galleseum:

  • You can bring together your Ethereum and Tezos-based NFTs by connecting multiple wallets
  • Setting up a profile page incl. avatar and links to social profiles is straight forward
  • You can follow other artists you like and like or comment their artworks
  • It’s an expected, but cool feature, that you can inspect all your NFTs (e.g. if you search a specific one)
  • Setting up galleries, which then can be shared on social media and curated by a team
  • Setting up collections, which are less powerful than galleries, but a good way to sort artworks
  • Your individual dashboard informs about basic numbers, views of your profile and NFTs and activities
  • Search and exploration features are in place, for instance you can explore artworks by platform
  • Here and there you will find some nice goodies, like a dark-mode

Overall, Galleseum is a great project in the space. I find some features here, which I would miss in showtime. Showtime to me is more the ‘rich get richer’ -logic, by which people tend to follow the already trending artists, trying to maximize their own karma. But Galleseum to me works better when it comes to curation, sorting artworks (like from the ones you collected) and setting up a proper gallery page.

Galleries on Galleseum, here you can visit ‘Artlethics’ (with some artwors I like)
Gallery configuration incl. invite of Co-Curators
The Galleseum Dashboard


Galleseum is a clear recommendation and the current status quo already looks very promising. The person behind the project is open for feedback, interested in the whole NFT-space and constantly improving the service.

The only downside right now: more active users should be in place.

When thinking about the cleanNFT-Community (like Hic Et Nuncers), which is primarily active on Twitter, Galleseum might be a really valuable enhancement for the artists to make possible, what is not possible on every marketplace – like setting up galleries and sorting collections connected to a certain topic. Galleseum is not a virtual gallery like oncyber or cryptovoxels, but that is not necessary, because the VR/3D feature has not the best fit for any kind of ambition. Galleseum therefore comes along with a good and valuable set of skills and I would love to see more traction there. So: just check it out!