Virtual Galleries with

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Virtual Galleries with

With the Cyber 3D Studio it is possible to create a virtual exhibition of curated NFTs out of your collection.

Great visitor experience

A strength of is the visitor’s experience of the shows created. The navigation is easy to use, you can enter an exhibition via mobile or desktop.

You could compare the virtual gallery experience with the classical museum experience. You enter a room, walk from artwork to artwork and take a closer look at the pieces you are interested in. Each room is designed in 3D and looks great. There is no distraction, no visual overload, no messed up voxel landscapes. The destinations you can choose from represent different settings or visual preferences of the creator, which makes sense depending on the art selection presented.

For your show, you can choose out of different destinations

When you initially open the oncyber website you see a list of trending / current shows. That makes it easy to explore the shows curated and the variety of NFT art out there.

Each show has a unique URL which you can share in your social channels. As a creator of a show you are able to see some basic visit statistics. The whole package makes the Cyberverse really attractive – it’s easy to use (especially for visitors), creates a solid user experience and makes NFT curation sexy.

Creating an own show

If you want to create your own curated show on you need to connect your collection to be able to add assets to it. You do this by connecting your blockchain address through your wallet. For instance with the Temple Wallet you could grant access to your non-fungible tokens of your Tezos address. It is important to mention, that the Cyber team managed it very early to integrate with different blockchains. For instance, you could connect with Ethereum through Metamask and with Tezos through Temple.

Oncyber was one of the very early projects where it was possible to show your Hicetnunc NFTs, so Rayan and the rest of the Cyber crew did a great job here! I had the possibility to support a bit with testing the HEN integration and I have to say, that the Cyber crew is heavily interested to create the best experience possible for the user. Feedback can be placed in the Cyber discord server and you can follow the team on Twitter as well.

Once you connected your wallet you are ready to create your virtual NFT experience.

The first thing you have to do is to choose a destination (there are free destinations and those you have to ‘collect’). You can then add a title, a banner and other descriptive information to your show, so that visitors know what to expect. Because each show represents a curated selection of artworks (following certain criteria for instance, e.g. if you would start a Dark Art or Generative Masterpieces show) it is brilliant that additional curators can be invited to a show. Based on this it’s possible to collaborate on different collections.

Placing an artwork to the preferred location is really straight forward. You select one of the predefined areas and pick an NFT you want to place. If you have a huge collection it can take a while to load all thumbnails for the NFTs, but this is simply a consequence of the massive amount of data which needs to be handled. That’s a problem you encounter on any platform, which tries to fetch/present all items of a collection at once. So be patient.

If you selected a work for the proper location on the wall, then you can fine-tune the appearance a bit. You can move it, scale it or play around with different frames offered.

Sooner or later you are finished and all the great pieces you curated are hanging exactly in the way you want to present it. Now double-check the show by previewing it and start to share the short-link, once it’s perfect 🙂

Virtual galleries with
Gallery by Teriell showing some Hicetnunc Gems:

Just check it out

In sum, the Cyber crew did an amazing job!

The visitor experience is great. Other projects are focused on the customizing and flexibility in building virtual places. Oncyber tried to focus on high quality places, good user experience and less distraction. The focus is on art, not on voxel worlds. A very legit and successful approach which also works for newbies in the metaverse as well.