Sacred Plastics by Gastón U. Lisak

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Sacred Plastics by Gastón U. Lisak

Title: Angel playing the flute / Sacred Plastics, © 2021 Gastón U. Lisak.

This is one of the first works done by the artist Gastón Lisak in 2019, who lives and works in Barcelona.

We found what we were looking for: the new world’s
gold. Like Midas, we touched everything and turned our
houses into plastic, we paved our oceans with plastic, we
stained our wings and even our stomachs. Here we live,
contemplating a transparent and reusable cage.
Sacred Plastics is a material statement, a picture of the
present we are living in, a breath drowned in plastic. It is a
call to action trying to recover a lost identity, ours, that of
all of us who let ourselves be perverted by the comfort of
an escape forward, of a senseless growth. Will you continue
plasticizing your life?

Here is the link to the NFT on Teia:

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