Henext - HEN explorer

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Henext - HEN explorer

The HEN explorer is project in the Tezos NFT space. As you might have assumed already, henext.xyz is related to hicetnunc (~ HEN) NFTs and tries to solve some issues you might have identified on the hicetnunc website.

The hicetnunc website is ultra minimalistic. One consequence of this lean design is that many users (especially new users who enter the Tezos-NFT space) miss typical features for the exploration of new artists or interesting projects. That’s where henext – the HEN explorer – comes into play.

henext — HEN explorer tool created by Artem (@xsfunc). The main idea is to explore NFTs created with HEN in a more convenient and understandable way.

Powered by hicdex.com and tzkt.io

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Artem did a great job to accomplish the henext mission! It is easy to use henext for the exploration of trending HEN NFTs. New artworks and latest sales can be explored as well. This is important for collectors, because sometimes you need to be quick if you want to collect the work from your favorite artist.

On henext you can connect your wallet, which enables you to collect the artworks you see directly on the website. Your profile information will be linked as well. So with a few clicks you are ready to explore your own artworks, your collection or your current re-/sale offers.

If you are curious to see what fellow artists have collected, you could easily look up their profile.

profile pages on henext

Henext is a solid HEN explorer. For many users it will deliver the user experience expected and therefore the website creates a high value for the community. Every week you see people complaining about the (very very minimalistic) HEN experience. For those people henext is a very good enhancement within the Tezos clean NFT space. So check it out!